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Why Creality

Why Creality? THE WAY WE THINK!



OUR MISSION: At Creality Promo + Retail, we take a different approach to branded merchandise.
With our proprietary blend of strategic and creative thinking, paired with our core belief that every brand is unique; we provide customized BRAND TANGIBILITY to OUR PREFERRED MARKET SEGMENTS in a PASSIONATE environment with a BRAND AMBASSADOR’S voice. Helping our clients feel INSPIRED while WE BRING THEIR BRANDS TO LIFE.

Our Core Values



We believe in creating an environment that lacks hidden agendas and conditions. Where the availability
of the full information required for collaboration, and collective decision-making is readily available. As
we grow and rely on our team members to make great decisions, it is imperative that we all share the
same information. Being transparent is one of our most fundamental tools for building trust and
maximizing our impact for our clients and colleagues.


We are relentless problem solvers. We face challenges and respond to opportunities both creatively
and innovatively. Never do we present a challenge to our clients or colleagues without multiple
recommendations on how to overcome. We tenaciously pursue a course of action without regard to
discouragement, opposition or previous failure.


Evolve or dissolve. A foundational philosophy we adhere to which allows us to pivot in response to
external circumstance. Being agile is in our fiber. Our industry is constantly changing, therefore, when
we need to change course; we do it. We are doers, not talkers. But when we act, we act thoughtfully.


Commitment is the backbone of our culture. It’s what gives us our strength as a company. We believe
when commitment is fully realized there is a great momentum generated to get a job done. We believe
commitment is the dedication to a particular cause, or belief, and the willingness to get fully involved.
When we commit to an organization or effort we truly believe that it is important, we show up, we do
what we say, we don’t take shortcuts, we follow through, and we stick with it.


To us, respect is when you feel admiration and deep regard for yourself and others. We believe in
standing up for yourself, our company, and our clients. Respect is also the process of honoring a client
and colleagues by exhibiting care, concern, or consideration for their time, needs, and feelings.


Some Great Brands We Work With

University Of Minnesota Logo
Mn Super Bowl Committee Logo
Make A Wish Foundation Logo
Best Buy Logo
Geek Squad Logo
Cabelas Logo
Healthpartners Logo
Medtronic Logo
Wells Fargo Logo
TCF Logo
Sea Life Logo
Madame Tussauds Logo
Lego Land Logo
Mn Dot Logo
Wings Financial Credit Union Logo
Blue Cross Blue Sheild Logo
Girl Scouts Logo
Ecolab Logo


  • “To provide an example of their steadfast commitment to our department, I can refer to one of the first experiences we had in working with Creality Promo + Retail. Our department was the host school for a national conference being presented by the National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA) in the Spring. Our previous vendor had been unable to work with the deadlines we provided them, so at the last moment, we decided to act upon a referral from a colleague at the University of Minnesota and contacted Creality. Literally within days, they were able to provide us with a competitive estimate, embroider 2,000 blankets and deliver them to our department with three days to spare. Experiences such as this are a true example of how willing and able St. Croix Promotions is when we are in need of assistance.”

    University of Minnesota

  • “I’ve worked with Creality Promo + Retail for several years and have found them to be very creative, responsive and collaborative. They’re always thinking of new ways to promote our brand and increase merchandise sales.”

    Star Tribune

  • “They’re great at managing our giveaways and promotional merchandise. We can order items with just a phone call… We’re now in the process of launching a Web store with them to make it even more convenient.”

    Wells Fargo

  • “They’ve been very easy to work with. They’ve helped us come up with fresh ideas that fit both our project and our budget. I would highly recommend Creality for your next project.”


  • “Creality Promo + Retail was phenomenal to work with. I submitted a last minute order for a show in our territory and the customer service team went above and beyond to get us our order. They should be recognized for providing exceptional customer service!! Thanks!! 


  • “I have done a lot of product development with museums in my previous jobs and am thrilled to discover your company. Your design team is gifted, your product choices are unique and your staff is incredibly efficient. I just wanted to thank you…”

    Girl Scouts of America

    Creality Promo + Retail is a diversity-based promotional products and marketing agency with the following accreditations and memberships:

    NMSDC Logo
    DBE Certified Logo
    Wosb Logo


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