T-shirts: The promotional products for all ages!

Need to make an impression within a large and varied audience? Just about everybody loves a t-shirt! In fact, according to the latest ASI Ad Impressions study, more than half of consumers across all age groups report owning a branded T-shirt.

Plus, you make an impression with the t-shirt wearer every time he or she puts it on, and you also get your brand seen by everyone they come in contact with where ever they go – from grocery stores and health clubs to schools and sporting events.

While t-shirts may seem a bit old-school, people still go crazy for them. Just make sure that you include a variety of sizes. If you run out of one size, folks will likely get one size bigger just so they can get a shirt. But it could end up in the trash if it doesn’t fit.

And don’t forget your design. While plain shirts with your logo can get the job done, a cool design on a colored shirt will likely get worn more – and be seen more!

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